1 Swedish chef +

2 spoiled goats +
1 fat pig +
23 fancy footed chickens +
2 rescue dogs +
small vineyard +
300 raspberry bushes +
36 fruit trees +
vegetable gardens +
28 loud peacocks +
the most beautiful beach=

1 Malibu farm with cooking classes.

Organic. Whole wheat almost always. Lots of veggies, and whole grains.

Here in the bu we raise free range, fancy, feather footed chickens, who all have names, but we still eat chicken, just really super small portions of it.

Ok, we have a pig too, who is super cute, super hungry, super fat, but, shh, dont tell ARNOLD. we still eat pork. Prosciutto, bacon, salami, that stuff is just too super delicious to give up.

Grew up fishing, love seafood, but lets not deplete our treasures from the sea, our portions are small of sustainable seafood only.

I dont have any cows and I dont eat read meat. But maybe just once in a blue moon, here on the farm we grill a steak for our guests.

Nothing low fat or non fat, cause nothing makes you fatter than eating fat free.This is a fact. Eat the real thing, or dont eat it at all.

No fake food. Margarine, veggie butter, sugar substitues? What is that stuff? If you dont know how to make it, or where it comes from, dont eat it. Dont buy it.